Cigarettes and packaging industries

Cigarette & Packaging

We manufacture and supply extensive range of spares and replacement parts for leading cigarette making, cigarette packing and primary equipment for major manufacturers in India and worldwide. Our products have been tried and tested in the market and is being successfully used by leaders of the Industry.

Types of Spares

Cigarettes Tipping Drum

Filter assembling machines for splitting tipping paper needs Tipping Drum. The peripheral surface of the tipping drum has a number of suction holes arranged to pull the leading portion of the tipping paper towards the surface of the tipping paper suction drum during successive cuts. 

Tipping drums are used for various types of machines for regular maintenance viz. Max 3, Max 5, Super 9, MK 8, MK 9, MK 95, Protos 70/80/90E, GD 121, Dynamic etc. Our products are easily serviceable and warranted for long life.

Tipping Drum

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