Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are devices that are used to provide a seal at the point of entry or exit of a rotating shaft. It is used to prevent the leakage of one high pressure fluid into a lower pressure fluid.  It is used for pressure up to 1000 psi.


Though the components vary depending on the application and type of the mechanical seal, here is an example of a typical mechanical seal

It is the part connected to the rotating shaft. It is the moving component and a vital part of the seal.

It is the motionless part which is connected to the pump housing.

In between the two faces of the mechanical seals shaft and insert mountings work as the secondary sealant. The examples are wedges, V-ring or O-ring.

Examples of hardware used in the mechanical seal is pins and bellows, compression rings and gland, etc.

Applications of mechanical seals

Mechanical Seal for Pumps

Mechanical Seal with Seramic andCarbon Faces

Static Seal with rubber housing